Thursday, September 7, 2017

Trapped in the path of Hurricane Irma

My back porch
I am trapped in the path of Hurricane Irma. The major problem is that I work as a taxi driver and whatever gas I buy is used up. In order to evacuate, you need to fill up and go. That is now becoming problematical. There is no gas.

The gas stations all have plastic bags over the pumps. My car is on empty and I was unable to get gas this afternoon. I will try again in the morning. If I'm unable to get gas, I have no choice but to go home and not work. In short, I'm fucked. I will walk to the Publix and get supplies and then go home and hunker down. I have no choice.

If this storm projected path moves further to the west - it will be catastrophic for us. I live near the beach and the possible storm surge could be up to 9 feet! At that point, I will get on the roof. I have a plan
I have a cooler of beer, a grill, and meat to cook. With it attached to a rope, I will pull it onto the roof. With the rising tide, I will swim to the spot I have located and climb up. Time to put all this exercise to work.

George will be helping and we will reinvent the term "Hurricane Party."

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hurricane Irma and "The Superfecta"

A monster is on its way
If I time it right, I may lose my job, get evicted from my apartment, have my drivers license expired, and be wiped out by a hurricane ON THE SAME DAY! How cool is that! THE SUPERFECTA!

I owe my company a ton of money. With the advent of Uber and ride share, I have been destroyed because I have continued to try and be a street driver. I have no money to pay my landlord the rent that was due today. He told me he will evict me. I need to renew my drivers license by the 13th of September but I have no money to do so. Plus, there is a category 5 hurricane headed for Florida.

If I time it right, all my fears will come true on the same day. If that is the case, I hope this storm wipes out the state of Florida. I really don't want to see anyone hurt. I just want the pompous assholes that own big houses on the beach see their shit crushed. You know, the houses they earned on my back. I hope they have all their shit destroyed.

I will not evacuate. I will go to the beach and wait for it to arrive. I will stand on the shoreline and wait for it to do its thing. Lets see if I'm still standing after it goes thru. If not, who cares? I'm 61 years old. I've pissed away all the money I've ever made. I've pushed away anyone that ever gave a shit about me. I'm tired and I'm sinking. I've tried but I don't have it in me anymore to continue on. Come on Irma.

I bet I emerge victorious. Watch me.
It may take the same path Donna took in 1960

Monday, September 4, 2017

Riley Bullough makes Buccaneers practice squad

I was talking with my driver friend Matt today about life and doing what you like. Matt, in his younger days, used to play Foosball a lot. In fact, he was sort of semi-pro. There never was any money in it but he was hanging out, having fun, and doing what he wants. It reminds me of Riley Bullough.

Riley was the star of HBO's Hard knocks. He was a bubble linebacker with nothing but heart and desire to make up for a small lack of physical size and strength. He had the heart of a lion and the looks of Joe Dirt and Fabio combined. He quickly became a fan-favorite as he was highlighted by the HBO show. When the Bucs had to cut down to the 53-man roster they let Riley go. He was subsequently brought back the next day to be on the practice squad and that was a huge accomplishment for Riley.

He was an underdog that really had no chance and if he had listened to the people who told him he had no chance he may not have even tried. It goes a long way and showing you that you should follow your heart and your dreams at all times. And I can guarantee you this, NFL football pays a lot more than playing foosball and drinking beer. But neither case, you can still have fun and drink a beer. There is a lot to be said for quality of life.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The flower garden is taking shape with the bamboo

The open space is for the new flowers
It has taken a while to things growing. I have never done this before but it is finally taking form. My garden out front is now a source of pride for me. The addition of the bamboo will allow the vines grow tall. They have pretty flowers that a different color to the garden.

The rains we have had lately have helped the greening of all of this. Weeding is also important and you have to be careful to not pull up your own plants.
It started raining when George came over
George has come over and been a great help. While he was here it started to rain. Good for the flowers but not for George.
The bamboo I added today
The vines are climbing up the Bamboo
The pretty flowers on the vine

Monday, August 28, 2017

Bill and Hillary Clinton at a costume party? Not so fast

Bill and Hillary during the good ol days
I found this photo the other day that shows a very young Bill Clinton and what is purportedly Hillary in Black Face. I did a "Photo Forensic" analysis to see what was up with this image. I would be able to tell when it was taken and even what type of camera shot it. I did not need to go that far.

The image had a huge amount of Adobe Photoshop elements to disqualify it as authentic. In fact, all of the accessories They are wearing...Bills kerchief and hat, Hillary's scarf, all added to the image. In fact, it was hard to find anything original about it. It seems to be a massive composite. Even the balloons hanging from the ceiling were added.
The light areas show what was added to the photo

Sunday, August 27, 2017

The waiting game

Saturday afternoon at Tampa International Airport taxi holding area
The average wait at Tampa International Airport is about 2.5 to 3.0 hours. This is the slow time of the year. But what makes it worse is it is also the hottest time of the year and that can magnify your woes.

The hazy, lazy days of summer are never good for the mind of psyche of the taxi driver. You try to curb cost by not running the air conditioning when you are on the deck but you really have no choice. Unfortunately, the money you need for gas has to be used to keep you cool while you wait and miserable wait on the sun deck. Come on autumn.

The lady you see standing by her taxi told me I was beginning to smell. No doubt. I was covered with sweat. I felt disgusting and could not to get a fare and go home, shower, and change into clean cloths.

I  can't imagine how I'm going to continue doing this when I am living out of my taxi when I get evicted from my apartment. That is gong to be a bitch.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Total Solar Eclipse from Newport News, Virginia, March 7, 1970

They called it "The eclipse of the century." The anticipation leading up to it was immense. The east coast of the United States was going to go under totality from this solar eclipse. I remember as a kid how excited I was to be able to see and photography, a total eclipse of the sun. At that age, I really did not know how fortunate I was. I would learn that in life, we are almost always more fortunate than we think. Not something my 13 year old brain could fathom at that time.

It was a Saturday and the family gathered in the front yard to watch the event. I also noticed most of the neighbors were out in their front yards as well. How can you beat an eclipse going right over your own neighborhood? Plus, I was young, strong, and thought life would last forever. Now I'm an old man on heart medicine. If there's a lesson in all of this...don't live life vicariously. Live in the moment. Take advantage of what you have today. Like eclipses, there may not be a next time.

Most of the neighborhoods in Newport News were recently developed to provide housing for the exploding military industry that the Tidewater area was known for. They sort of had that prefabricated look. Many home owners were of the WW11 generation but their kids were absolute baby boomers.

I sort of miss those times. Society and culture had more continuity then. I'm not so sure over the decades we have improved on that. Most people valued family and security. It was really a great time to grow up. A few months earlier, we had watched man first walk on the moon, now this celestial event. Life seemed boundless. The possibilities were endless.

I remember going out on a cold winter night and seeing the display of the cosmos up above. There was little light pollution then and the sky seemed so vast. Since Star Trek was on prime time TV, it seemed that type of future was possible. My father showed me one night the trail of a satellite as it made its way across the night sky. I looked with amazement and wonder at it. I was so ready to be experiencing this eclipse.

With the technology of the times, I did a decent job of filming the eclipse it with an 8 mm camera. My father helped me use a welders glass attached to the outside of a cereal box for this makeshift device. The camera was inside the box. My theory that blocking out all ambient light would make a better image.

Everything went right that day, including the weather. It was a late winter day probably in the 60's. Felt good and got even colder during totality. I remember the diamond ring and Bailey's Beads on both ends on lunar contact. And just like that - it was gone. But the memories of that day remain.

Research tells me the totality lasted 93 seconds from our vantage point. Not long but long enough.

This image is of the eclipse that day in Newport News. The star to the left is Venus.

Monday, August 21, 2017

The Great American Solar Eclipse

Explaining to the camera what I had just witnessed
I watched the solar eclipse from Clearwater, Florida today. I was home recovering from walking Pneumonia. Believe me, I am sick. I slept most of the night and morning so I had the energy to go outside. I am glad I did. We did not get a totality but it was 91% coverage. Let me tell you, that last 10% is hugh. It never did get as dark as I thought it would get but I did get a good view with a pair of welders glasses.

Starting to get dark out here
This event had a historical connection for me because I was able to film the total eclipse of March 7, 1970. What is sad is I can't find any films of that eclipse on YouTube. I guess its sad to think I am that old. I am sick, however. I do need to recover.
The welding glasses I was using

If I don't support this then I'm a racist?

A peaceful Democrat tries to use reason with the fascist police
President Trump was correct that there were trouble makers in Boston. What he did not stress was that the trouble was only on one side - the Democrats. There is no doubt that a large segment of "Antifa" showed up with the only purpose to shut down free speech. They believe they are the arbiters of what speech is permitted or not.

This video shows the hate and venom these Democrats have towards authority and the rule of law. This one African American women shouted at a cop that because he was black he could not be a police officer. She said "your supposed to be on our side." Really.

And because I don't support this (or President Trump), we are now Nazi, skin head, Confederate loving bigots and racist. Is that how the game is played now?
In the video below, a speaker at the event had to be taken away in a police wagon (Patty is Boston!) for his own protection from the peaceful loving Democrats who spit on him...It was black spit.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Total Solar Eclipse March 7, 1970

The newspaper the next day
There will be a total eclipse of the sun on Monday which will be visible by most of North America. In Tampa, the totality will be about 91% which ain't bad. This eclipse has sentimental value for me for I once witnessed and filmed a total solar eclipse when I was 13 years old in Newport News Virginia on March 7, 1970. I remember it well.

What I clearly remember was being able to see the stars in the middle of the day, with the planet Venus being prominent in the "night sky." I remember it well as I was recording it with a rather sophisticated piece of equipment I had made myself. Face it. I got a better shot than the local TV stations did.

I had rigged a photography device using a used cereal box and a smoked pane of glass. In the box was a 8mm film camera which I shot incrementally and it worked perfectly. I was able to record the totality of the eclipse and the events leading up to it.

1970 Eclipse - The black dot goes right over Newport lucky were we!
The local TV stations had taken their remote set ups to North Carolina because the weather forecast was better. It was supposed to overcast that day in the tidewater area. However, it was a beautiful day without a cloud in the sky. This allowed for a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the total eclipse.

Where that film is today, I have no idea. I only hope a family member has held on to that historical record.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Riley Bullough - the new Buc standout

Riley Bullough the new Buc standout
When Riley Bullough came into Tampa Bay Buccaneer training camp, he was a long shot to make the team. However, something happened along the way for this camp body - that would be "Hard Knocks" of HBO.

The Michigan State linebacker was immediately recognized as a personable good looking guy with hustle and heart. We also found out he is a singer songwriter with talent. In the first episode of Hard Knocks he stole the show. That was not supposed to happen for someone nobody had heard of.

He latter went on to make some monster tackles in the expedition game against Cincinnati. I can't imagine this guy being cut. He has been branded "Joe Dirt" and the potential for merchandise sales and publicity is high. I can imagine Bullough making a tackle on a national FOX game and hearing Joe Buck saying "Joe Dirt with an impressive tackle."

Riley Bullough has added some real excitement to a team that historically has lacked any real energy. I will be pulling for this guy big time.


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Joe Lopano forces Uber impact fees at Tampa International Airport which is highway robbery

I don't like being robbed at Tampa  International Airport
The real reason Joseph W. Lopano let Uber and Lyft into TPA was he projected an increase in fees collected to be 5.2 million in the next two years. He seemed to view this as a revenue generating opportunity when the taxi companies were only able to come up with about 1.2 million a year. This was more than a reason to violate existing law. Joe Lopano (head of TPA) had a long range plan to soak the public and make a GIANT BONUS for himself. I wonder why he was fired in New York and flamed out in Dallas? Just wondering. The Tampa Bay Business Journal confirmed this fact the other day on their website. I knew he was corrupt and this proves it.

Lopano stated that reason he let Uber and Lyft into the airport (violating the contract he had with the taxi companies) is he wanted to provide transportation alternatives to the traveling public. That was pure Bullshit. He simply saw how they could increase revenue long term by bilking the general public. There is no reason for these fees because the airport and roads around it are already in place. This is purely robbery. Carl and his boys already draw a salary. They don't need anymore of my Goddamn money. Seriously.

Beginning August 3, 2017 Uber will charge a 3$ fee for all pickups at the airport. That fee will go up to 5$ by 2019. The only good news about this is that it could increase our business for the short term until February 2018. At this point, we will begin paying the additional fees for pick ups.

Really airport. I thought guns were not allowed at the terminal. You only now need to wear a mask as you rob us and the public. Geez..


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