Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Busy as Hell - then why am I pissed?

Why can't I teleport to other places?
Maybe I'll go purse snatching at WallMart!
The business on all fronts has finally kicked in. The airport is off the hook and Pinellas country is going bat shit crazy. The problem I have is I can't be in two places at the same time. I could have really used the Clearwater business a few weeks ago, but now, I have to work the airport. That is what I have always done this time of year.

I've been getting hauls to the beaches and all over the place. The wait times at the airport are not long right now. It is moving and you will get rides.

While I am waiting,  I take a look at the tablet and can see they are begging for drivers in St. Pete and Clearwater. That is too bad for I am not in a financial position to do that and that really sucks.

I need cash and the only way I can get it right now is by working streets and the airport. You have to
Look at the calls on this board!
have gas money to work the charges all day long.

Unfortunately, I got too far behind in the last few months, and out of necessity, must do what I'm doing. Even though its great right now, I feel like I'm screwed. But with this kind of activity, we should be alright over the next couple of months.

As far as the charges go, I have a girl I am sandbagging who comes out every morning. I normally don't like sandbagging but she lives only three blocks from my house. It is almost automatic. Her ride is part of the "liquid gold" that comes out of PAR (methadone clinic). It seems addiction is big business now. At this point, I'll take the money anyway I can.

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