Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The last vestiges of cab driving

HULA Girl goes with me everywhere
I have been fighting it spiritually for some time. The reality that I am not a taxi driver anymore. I have become a medical transport driver. That is nor what I wanted to do.

That would be a job. Cab driving is not a job. It is a hustle. You get customers who use you to go buy drugs, go to the bars, the clubs, the massage parlors, the grocery stores, work, the airport, football games, church, and so forth. Along the way you meet a variety of interesting people. They all use Uber now.

We load walkers in the trunk for elderly people with oxygen tanks. Seriously. God love them but that's not my calling.

I want my whores, drug addicts, business people, jerks, sports fans, hipsters (I really miss the hippies), computer geeks, college students, degenerates, gay duds, the confused band the lost back.

There are only a handful left as the gig slowly dies.

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