Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Little Manatee River Trail

A hiking adventure awaits
Someone told me to take a I did. I took advantage of a long ride I had out of TIA that went deep US 301 near Manatee River State Park. I got $100 cash while Uber driver would have done it for $20 and given up twenty percent.

I dropped my fare off at a campground 500 yards from the trail head of this cool trail. I circled around and parked at the gate. I always keep my hiking polls in the trunk, so I knew I would have good footing. This trail has a lot of roots and the polls help me a lot. I did not have my backpack, so I had no water. Unfortunately, I had no water so I would have to limit the hike to one hour.

There is a primitive campsite about 3.5 miles into it. I hope to camp there in the winter but today it would just be a hike. Good aerobic exercise.

Check out the photos:
The boardwalk over the creek

Tim Fasano on the trail

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