Monday, August 28, 2017

Bill and Hillary Clinton at a costume party? Not so fast

Bill and Hillary during the good ol days
I found this photo the other day that shows a very young Bill Clinton and what is purportedly Hillary in Black Face. I did a "Photo Forensic" analysis to see what was up with this image. I would be able to tell when it was taken and even what type of camera shot it. I did not need to go that far.

The image had a huge amount of Adobe Photoshop elements to disqualify it as authentic. In fact, all of the accessories They are wearing...Bills kerchief and hat, Hillary's scarf, all added to the image. In fact, it was hard to find anything original about it. It seems to be a massive composite. Even the balloons hanging from the ceiling were added.
The light areas show what was added to the photo

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