Monday, August 21, 2017

If I don't support this then I'm a racist?

A peaceful Democrat tries to use reason with the fascist police
President Trump was correct that there were trouble makers in Boston. What he did not stress was that the trouble was only on one side - the Democrats. There is no doubt that a large segment of "Antifa" showed up with the only purpose to shut down free speech. They believe they are the arbiters of what speech is permitted or not.

This video shows the hate and venom these Democrats have towards authority and the rule of law. This one African American women shouted at a cop that because he was black he could not be a police officer. She said "your supposed to be on our side." Really.

And because I don't support this (or President Trump), we are now Nazi, skin head, Confederate loving bigots and racist. Is that how the game is played now?
In the video below, a speaker at the event had to be taken away in a police wagon (Patty is Boston!) for his own protection from the peaceful loving Democrats who spit on him...It was black spit.

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