Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Joe Lopano forces Uber impact fees at Tampa International Airport which is highway robbery

I don't like being robbed at Tampa  International Airport
The real reason Joseph W. Lopano let Uber and Lyft into TPA was he projected an increase in fees collected to be 5.2 million in the next two years. He seemed to view this as a revenue generating opportunity when the taxi companies were only able to come up with about 1.2 million a year. This was more than a reason to violate existing law. Joe Lopano (head of TPA) had a long range plan to soak the public and make a GIANT BONUS for himself. I wonder why he was fired in New York and flamed out in Dallas? Just wondering. The Tampa Bay Business Journal confirmed this fact the other day on their website. I knew he was corrupt and this proves it.

Lopano stated that reason he let Uber and Lyft into the airport (violating the contract he had with the taxi companies) is he wanted to provide transportation alternatives to the traveling public. That was pure Bullshit. He simply saw how they could increase revenue long term by bilking the general public. There is no reason for these fees because the airport and roads around it are already in place. This is purely robbery. Carl and his boys already draw a salary. They don't need anymore of my Goddamn money. Seriously.

Beginning August 3, 2017 Uber will charge a 3$ fee for all pickups at the airport. That fee will go up to 5$ by 2019. The only good news about this is that it could increase our business for the short term until February 2018. At this point, we will begin paying the additional fees for pick ups.

Really airport. I thought guns were not allowed at the terminal. You only now need to wear a mask as you rob us and the public. Geez..


  1. So if there was/is a contract with taxi companies prohibiting others from picking up, why isn't this basic contract law and taxi companies in court over this? Or has the contract expired and not renewed?

  2. Highway robbery is YOU paying United Cab a lease every week!



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