Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hurricane Irma and "The Superfecta"

A monster is on its way
If I time it right, I may lose my job, get evicted from my apartment, have my drivers license expired, and be wiped out by a hurricane ON THE SAME DAY! How cool is that! THE SUPERFECTA!

I owe my company a ton of money. With the advent of Uber and ride share, I have been destroyed because I have continued to try and be a street driver. I have no money to pay my landlord the rent that was due today. He told me he will evict me. I need to renew my drivers license by the 13th of September but I have no money to do so. Plus, there is a category 5 hurricane headed for Florida.

If I time it right, all my fears will come true on the same day. If that is the case, I hope this storm wipes out the state of Florida. I really don't want to see anyone hurt. I just want the pompous assholes that own big houses on the beach see their shit crushed. You know, the houses they earned on my back. I hope they have all their shit destroyed.

I will not evacuate. I will go to the beach and wait for it to arrive. I will stand on the shoreline and wait for it to do its thing. Lets see if I'm still standing after it goes thru. If not, who cares? I'm 61 years old. I've pissed away all the money I've ever made. I've pushed away anyone that ever gave a shit about me. I'm tired and I'm sinking. I've tried but I don't have it in me anymore to continue on. Come on Irma.

I bet I emerge victorious. Watch me.
It may take the same path Donna took in 1960


  1. Hang in there tim.at the rate im going, i may join you...

  2. Pawn everything right now except smart phone and some clothes. Pay the $$ to keep your driver's license!

    There will be tons of rebuilding $$ in Florida after it is all over. BILLIONS being poured in. Go to the worse hit areas. Get in line for all the free $$$FEMA. Say your apartment was blown away, no one checks or can prove otherwise.

    If you have a smartphone for free wifi, and a gym bag with some clothes and personal items, you are gold. You can get $$work driving relief trucks or cars or who knows what. Plus free room and board Something new and unique will come out of this.

    If Tampa isn't hit hard, take a bus or something to where it all fell apart.



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