Thursday, September 7, 2017

Trapped in the path of Hurricane Irma

My back porch
I am trapped in the path of Hurricane Irma. The major problem is that I work as a taxi driver and whatever gas I buy is used up. In order to evacuate, you need to fill up and go. That is now becoming problematical. There is no gas.

The gas stations all have plastic bags over the pumps. My car is on empty and I was unable to get gas this afternoon. I will try again in the morning. If I'm unable to get gas, I have no choice but to go home and not work. In short, I'm fucked. I will walk to the Publix and get supplies and then go home and hunker down. I have no choice.

If this storm projected path moves further to the west - it will be catastrophic for us. I live near the beach and the possible storm surge could be up to 9 feet! At that point, I will get on the roof. I have a plan
I have a cooler of beer, a grill, and meat to cook. With it attached to a rope, I will pull it onto the roof. With the rising tide, I will swim to the spot I have located and climb up. Time to put all this exercise to work.

George will be helping and we will reinvent the term "Hurricane Party."

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