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Tim Fasano
My name is Tim Fasano and I currently live in Tampa Florida where I drive a taxi mostly for a living. I have been with United Cab of Tampa since 1995. Unlike most Americans, I love what I do. I am just one of those guys that like to driver a taxi.  I, also, have many interest that I pursue with a passion.

In any day you can be a psychologist, troubleshooter, preacher, mechanic, moving company, EMT, news reporter, alcoholic counsel, "hood ambassador" and so forth. I once held a graveside prayer when the paster did not show. A lot goes on in the taxi cab world. So come along and lets have some

The photo here is me being interviewed on the set of a TV show. It was a pilot episode for a new paranormal program. I work with a group of really cool guys that are into UFO, Chemtrials, and that kind of stuff. You think that's strange? I look for Bigfoot in the Great Green Swamp of Florida and the Ocala National Forest. I may not of found him yet, but I'm getting some great exercise.
On the set

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  1. Very interesting articles and photos on your blog. I enjoy reading them. Keep them coming. Thks.



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